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Deaster Bunny

When you do your Easter shopping this year, you might see this guy on your favourite Mars products...

But he looked a little different last year...

Retailers apparently found him a little... disturbing... so I was asked to give him a bit of a photoshop facelift; if it's good enough for supermodels it's good enough for the Easter bunny!

The original 3D model wasn't bad, but I think the anthropomorphism needed a bit of work.
After stripping out the high contrast shadow and colour, the real work began adjusting his overall proportions and giving him a more 'cuddly' look. The arms and torso were enlarged, paws articulated and ears rounded. The eyes needed to be completely reworked with for a more traditional 'cartoony' shape and the mouth subtly stylised for a more neutral expression.

Lastly he was recoloured, bringing back the pink in more gentle tones, purifying the whites and giving his clothes a deeper, contrasting hue that would work with the all 3 core products.

Below you can see a full flow from start to finish. It's quite exciting to see him on the shelves now!



Fight Church

Venus in Fur


Planes: Fire & Rescue
Wish I Was Here

Soaked In Bleach


A short film about design for kids
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Bullshit
Fanfarlo "Cell Song"


Game of Thrones is BACK... and as brilliant as ever. Plenty of shocking stuff left to go my friends so buckle into the jousting saddle... And enjoy Mordi Levi's Game of Firms, a corporate re-branding of the houses Westeros.

The beautiful lightbox cutouts by Harikrishnan Panicker

The costumes of Star Trek Next Generation

Photographer Jonathan Cherry

 Circus A-Z poster by Ross Moody.



X-Men: Days of Future Past

Edge of Tomorrow

TMNT (which I think stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Transformers)


From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series


Gabriele Galimberti's Children's Prized Possessions.

 Rob Loukotka's ACME Poster

Lego Job Application Kit

Bodypaint series by Janine Rewell

Serbian Illustrator Bratislav Milenkovic

My favourite comic Powers being made adapted by Sony exclusively for the PS3... Two detectives investigate crime in a hard boiled world of superheroes. Looks like my XBoxOne will have to wait... And read the comic, it will change your life...

Speaking of comics, two amazing webcomics releasing hardcopy volumes...
PVP webcomics legend Scott Kurtz's Table Titans; delightful tale of a group of roleplayers, in game and out on Kickstarter.

And the wonderful Abominable Charles Christopher Vol. 2, a Webcomic everybody should really check out.



True Detective

A good friend with a (mostly) like-minded taste in T.V. recommended True Detective. All I can say four episodes in, is phenomenal (and thanks!). Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson it is a hard boiled, deep south detective drama, told from multiple perspectives and timelines. It has a gorgeous saturated palette, gritty visuals, stunning scenery and original, complex characters (I'll take a breath now). It is a harrowing joy to watch from the moment the titles begin, like David Fincher does Twin Peaks and watch for a 6 minute 'Children of Men' style one-take in Episode 4! Interestingly it's an Anthology, each season a different story with different characters...


If you were a fan of the popular Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode (see above) make sure you check out this season's sequel; Dungeons & Dragons pitting new regular Mike from Breaking Bad against his son Tobias Funke from Arrested Development (or at least said actors) in a surprisingly accurate and tender (if also slightly embarrassing) homage to my favorite hobby. Not as great as the first but a must for fans of the show or hobby!

Walking Dead

Walking Dead is an interesting one. I love it (and its comic source material) but it really divides fans in a most haphazard way. There is generally a sort of agreement with most series as to which one was good or not, every time I speak to a fellow fan, it's all over the place... So I say this knowing that obviously we all want something different form a Zombie T.V. series; but the second half of the fourth and current season has been my favorite. Without spoiling too much, it is everything I want from a Zombie apocalypse take; Like World War Z (the book) it describes a series of short and varied personal experiences of survival, whilst integrating a few of the better short storylines from the comic.


With a bit of free time on my hands I was determined to go back and finish Dexter after stalling with Season 3 (a common pattern it appears after talking to a few friends) and I'm glad I did. I found Dexter to be a pretty solid series from beginning till end, which I think also did a great job of wrapping things up. Definitely worth returning too and persisting if you're a lapsed watcher.